Pickle Juice

pickle juice hangover cureAnecdotally,  the pickle juice hangover remedy is attributed sometimes to Poland, sometimes to Russia. If either is true, it’s coming from people who know their hangovers; hangover experts even.

The pickle juice hangover cure is legitimate. Remember, dehydration is a major factor in the power of the hangover. Pickle juice attacks dehydration on two fronts: replacing water and replacing electrolytes. The water part is self-evident. But besides being wet, pickle juice is also very salty.

Sodium is an important electrolyte, much of which you will have flushed out of your body the night before a bad hangover. Sodium plays a role in nerve and muscle function which should help with them horrible shakes. It also helps the body retain water so that you can get re-hydrated more quickly.

Now, maybe you love pickles and maybe you’d drink pickle juice just for kicks. If that’s you, then I guess give this hangover remedy a shot.* If you don’t care for pickles though, there are lots of other, less zesty ways to replenish lost electrolytes and water. We recommend coconut water.

*If you’re a fan of both pickle juice and bourbon, try a pickleback — a shot of bourbon with a pickle juice chaser. The shot with the built in hangover remedy.